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Shotokan Black belt Shodan (ITKF registered) by the CBKT (Confederação Brasileira de Karate-Do Tradicional). Represented Santa Monica Clube de Campo as Karate athlete and currently acting as IT advisor for ITKF and FKTPr.

This Journey started around 1994 with Goju Ryu, after a few years stopped due to college and work, back with Shotokan in 2004.

Since 2019, I have been involved as member of Karate commission of SMCC and recently as IT advisor for ITKF and FKTPr responsible for the digital transformation of the organization with the idealization of the new institutional webportal and website and implementation of the management system for member federations and black belts for ITKF.

Black Belt meaning

A black belt has different meanings for each person. When I was a young boy, I thought that a black belt needs to be invincible and make crazy moves like a ninja. The meaning of the black belt to me is now different. It means I was persistent and overcame the adversities, It means I had discipline to keep going no matter what, it means I fought my doubts and fears, I faced the pain. Recently I have read a post from sensei Vinicio Antony  on which he defines a black belt as: “someone who is capable to live for a code of honor, be committed to learn constantly and contribute through this learning. Do what needs to be done and be responsible for the consequences of his choices with determination, resilience and and self-responsibility.” I simply loved this definition. The truth is, a few things make more and more sense to me: Karate is a way of life, we will be learning forever AND it is not about being the best. It is about being better than you were yesterday.